Senior Automotive Resource Program

How Our Senior Automotive Resource Program Works

First we’ll meet with you and take a look at the vehicle to get an accurate appraisal and discuss your options. Maybe you’re considering the sale of the vehicle to a family member, or perhaps you’d like to sell it to someone like us. We’ve been there--we know cars and we’re here to help. There is no charge to you or your family for this service.

If you decide you’d like to sell the vehicle to us, we will purchase your vehicle on the spot at market value, based on top auction prices. It is our promise to you to be fair and never take advantage of this situation.

We’re also happy to take your vehicle in on consignment. We will assist with any detailing and service work needed to make your vehicle retail-ready; then, we’ll advertise through our channels to find a buyer for your vehicle. There is a consignment charge to cover our costs which we’ll be happy to go over with you if you choose our consignment services.
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